Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Thanet School of Dance : Wedding Dance Choreography

Do you want an original dance for your wedding?

Why not let us know your favourite piece of music and we can choreograph a dance especially for you. It will add a personal touch to your big day and will amaze your wedding guests, especially if you keep your lessons a secret!

Your dance is created to suit your song as well as your natural style and ability, so it will never be too difficult for you and learning will be stress free and enjoyable. As each dance is created on a bespoke basis, the choreography is uniquely yours.

If you have never danced before or even if you believe you have ‘two left feet’ our lessons are suitable as we cater for all abilities, starting with the basics for those who are dancing together for the first time.

We recommend having approx. 4 private lessons leading up to your big day. If you need a little more, then you can continue until you have mastered your dance and feel comfortable and confident about your performance.

Please contact Debbie: 07974 784079 or Rachel: 07980 599287 or email thanetdance@gmail.com for further details.

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